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Re: China censorship?
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Nell27 wrote:

OldArrow wrote:


I'll be ready to remove any entry which hints on anything that might be perceived as carrying a political statement possibly offensive to anyone else, but I'll do it adding a polite and clear explanation. Being polite costs nothing, and anyone with any kind of political belief, background, upbringing or circumstances can do the same.

I agree with you but can see two reasons why this may have been disqualified.

First, it would be considered a political statement if you were a host from China and the rules say no political statements allowed.

Second, and this may be showing my ignorance, I don't see anything here that actually relates to the martial arts.

The man in front is demonstrating a sword exercise (see above, there are several pictures taken in succession).

Granted, there is a guy out front that's dressed like a martial artist but is Falundafa a martial art?

From what I've read it's a meditation and exercise ritual.

I could be way off base and it would have been easier if the host would have explained himself.

Every kind of martial art IS a mental self-control thing first and foremost (except in the parts of the World where people concentrate upon learning how to harm others). In "normal" schools such as Kyodo ("The Way of the Bow") or Kendo ("The Way of the Sword"), the highest possible accent is put on self-control via all sorts of ways of gaining the mental attitude in such a way that, if possible, the actual fight is avoided .

IMO, the highest art of fighting is aiming for a solution of defeating one's opponent without physical contact. If the fight is unavoidable, the ways one learns in such schools are concentrated upon afflicting a minimum of bodily harm possible.

Never mind that nowhere except in cheapo action movies life gets treated so cheaply. Whosoever masters some martial art will rarely be seen to actually use it, and that's what these schools are all about. There are tons of literature on those themes.

Perhaps the best example for our Western minds is Archery, where one fights one's own shortcommings. With bow and arrow, your own body and mind are your adversaries, the bow is a solution, and the target is only your indicator of success.

It would take hours and pages to explain it, so I better stop here...;) but, returning to the photo in question, it does clearly show a martial art exercise.

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