Samsung WB850 battery problem

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Re: Samsung WB850 battery problem
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peewit wrote:

Your WB650 doesn't have wi-fi or GPS, and both of those can drain batteries very quickly it they're enabled. The WB850 manual mentions both of these on the page that shows battery life. So check to make sure that they're not turned on unless you're actually using those features.

• When using network functions, the battery will be depleted more quickly.
• The above values are measured while the GPS is off.

I can assure you that my old WB650 does have GPS as thousands of my photos will testify. Turning off the WB650 with GPS enabled never caused the battery to go flat.

That's certainly a surprise. Before posting my reply I did a google search for the WB650's spec's and the page I viewed didn't mention GPS. I have the WB750 and it does not have GPS, so I incorrectly assumed that the WB850 was the first in that line to offer GPS.

The new WB850 is pretty useless if every time you pick it up to use it the camera will not even turn on because the battery is flat.

Well, we still don't know what's causing the rapid battery depletion, but we can be pretty much certain that the WB850 wasn't intentionally designed to chew up batteries, so either you have one of a tiny number of defective WB850s, or one of a significant number of defective WB850s, or the wi-fi circuitry is wasting battery power.

When I bought Fuji's F550EXR, it was the first in the FxxxEXR line to offer GPS and I had to return several of them because they had defective GPS circuits, where even when the GPS was completely disabled, a freshly charged battery that was used for only 5 to 10 photos in the evening would be completely dead the next morning. This was due to a hardware component failure and my third F550 worked properly. So there's still a possibility that your WB850 has a defective GPS circuit, but I'm not claiming that it's a strong possibility, just one to consider. Another is wi-fi, which is another battery killer. I can't tell from the manual if there's a way to enable/disable wi-fi, or if it only is enabled automatically while performing a wi-fi file/data transfer, but I know that many other wi-fi devices (such as ebooks) allow wi-fi to be completely disabled by the users.

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