new FX camera to replace d300? No Way!

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Kerry Pierce wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

Is that now that DX sensor technology is approaching D3/D700 standards we have this full court press telling us that either DX is no good, or FX is outstripping it - when in fact the technology is moving in lockstep to it's theoretical limit (excellent IQ at ISO 6400 for FX or ISO 3200 for DX) - or we can't have it. Now, I think Nikon's motives for introducing their FX cameras top down and DX bottom up are clear. Their goal is to maximize FX sales and thus profit. But what motivates their apologists here, other than an authoritarian personality type?

That's always been the puzzle for me, Jim. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that DX sensors will continue to improve right with FX. Why does it bother them so much to see someone happy with a DX camera? I dunno. I don't have the time nor inclination to bother with those folks.

But, FX hasn't and probably never will achieve sales figures like DX, simply due to costs. So, maybe that's the driving force behind most of the DX haters or maybe it's just as simple as they are haters, period. It truly is amazing the number of folks that love to try to ruin someone else's day. Best you can do is put them in the ignore list and go on.

Paranoia strikes again. There hasn't been any incidence of 'DX hating' in this thread, just discussions of the merits for Nikon of a $1500+ DX model if they introduce an FX in the same price range. No-one is bothered at all that you or anyone else is happy with a DX camera. It would be great for you if Nikon took top end DX users more seriously, I just don't think they will - I think their top end, $1500 up, strategy revolves around FX. But that might be wrong.

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