The "dumbing down" of America?

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Re: The "dumbing down" of America?
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RobertSigmund wrote:

TFergus wrote:

A country where it is OK to shoot 17 year old black teenagers wearing hooded shirts.

What a stupid remark. Someone gets killed in America so that makes it "OK to do in America?"

Why not. Princess Leia (BMW X5) and other right wingers here are delighted and do everything to make Trevor a black gangsta and Zimmerman an innocent angel who happened to have to shoot the gangsta in self-defense.

That is equal on both sides, although I understand how you are intentionally blind to it. Princess Leia, myself or anyone else here would not be my choice for Right Wing or Republican representation. This is some hidden away political forum in the back of a large photography web site.... the respectable political minds are nowhere near here.
Embarrassingly evident on the Democrat side.


OK, thank you for this further example of your and your kind's intellectual level.

Pointing out that you are an idiot shows an intellectual level?
How so?

You disagree with me on that and think you can insult " your and your kind's" intellect?
Why not show yours by spelling correctly, or at least checking it?

I don't think an idiot that disagrees with being called an idiot... makes him less of an idiot.

A country with a blatant hatred against intellectuals because they are "left wingers".

I don't think those "occupy" members are protesting "left wingers".

Nor do I think the entire leftist movement of "occupying" is representative of "intellect".

In fact... name one intellectual "left winger" that considers himself a "left winger".

Only one? Ann Coulter? That is, I suppose, your kind of intellectual.

Not my kind, no.

Can't name any then ??

A country where notions like communism, socialism and liberalism are used without any intellectual effort, stating that a general health insurance is communism.

Those radicals call it Socialism. Not Communism.

Ann Coulter: Communism by Insurance Mandate

Again, one person does not represent a group.
"Socialized" medicine has ALWAYS been the label it has... and deserves.
Never "Communized" medicine.

Maybe next time you make some lame list, try checking your 'facts', Einstein.

So Einstein is an idiot? I thought so.

So sarcasm is above your head like everything else in this thread, eh?
You thinking Einstein is an idiot is just more proof.

And you think liberalism is to blame for the lack of basic reading and writing skills!

Liberalism is to blame for the "push em out" mentality of the schools graduating kids that are undereducated just so they will get the funding they need for the next year..... instead of actually improving the teaching.

Add to that the liberal "it's not good to hold a child back, it may affect their self image"... also seen in: "we don't keep score in this sport... the losers may feel bad... everyone's a winner!"

Sounds good

I'm sure to you it does, but more importantly, accepting that liberalism is to blame for the lack of basic reading and writing skills is a point in your favor.

But under socialism, you normally have good schools. Just have a look at Cuba. :

Yeah... that's what the thousands of people floating in the ocean in broken down rafts escaping Cuba to come here ALWAYS say.... "at least our schools were good".

Give up, dude.

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