Iran committed to ‘full annihilation of Israel,’ says top Iranian military commander

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Re: Iran committed to ‘full annihilation of Israel,’ says top Iranian mil
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Chato wrote:

You have been trying to justify the Israeli occupation by comparing Palestinians to illegal immigrants.

No Dave, I have not...that is merely an assumption upon your part.

I merely said...

How would Americans react/think "IF" their local Mexican community started calling for the destruction of the USA, or militant Mexican terror groups started firing rockets over the border into the States?

The Mexican analogy is a valid one...simply because Mexican territory is also "occupied" by the European settlers who stole it from them.

Earth to Kev - The Mexicans of the "occupied areas" are not aware that they are third class citizens. For the simple reason that they are NOT Third Class citizens.

How come you speak of the Israeli occupation of Palestine...but never mention the American occupation of Mexico? Are there different moral standards for different locations?

Bad as the War was, it was greeted with complete indiffernce by the locals of the time. In fact, you can't even find locals who reisted the US. You can however find locals who joined with the US.

The main difference is....that today Mexicans are NOT calling for the destruction of America, nor attacking it with terrorism and/or missiles. The Palestinians however, are doing so to Israel....and that, is why the situation on the ground is the way it is.

It may very well be that if you granted the franchise to Palestinians then the 'attacks" on their part would cease? Could it be that if you institutinonalise Third Class Citizenship, people respond with hostility? If you hold out a futrue of indefinite Thired Class citizenship, could it be that people will not accept this "future?"

I notice the Second Class Arabs are not launching rocket attacks on Israel, so it would appear that even the minor concessions granted to the so called Arab "Citizens" have been enough to silence violence.

"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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