Just dropped my new 5D3 :(

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Re: War Wounds
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Griffo59 wrote:

I find it incredible that it even left a dent, let alone a 'hole' in your laminate flooring.

I think I'd have to be living in a gingerbread house before this became an issue.

So you have a floor that obviously gives under pressure but at the same time does permanent damage to your camera.


It landed on the tripod quick-release plate corner first, I know this because the shape of the dent in the floor is a perfect match to that - it left a gouge in the floor (about 3mm deep, 4-5mm triangle in shape). It then bounced and slid about 3 times,

Where it slid it took off he textured finish and left a flat black area on the pentaprism, but only on the corner. On the back near the row of buttons the textured finish is marked but still in tact; it's colour has changed because I suspect it's collected some of the flooring along the way like sandpaper does in use.

I must say to many it would appear to be very superficial, only a section of the long edge of the pentaprism is very noticeable and I'm sure many wouldn't bother getting it fixed.

Dropping a 1.6kg weight with sharp corners from 1.2-1.4m height would leave a gouge in most domestic laminate I suspect (mine is over 10 years old, too) and the damage to the camera is very minimal and at no point have I suggested otherwise, it's just that I am quite particular about my gear.

Watching it drop and bounce the way it did, its done pretty much what I would have expected tbh and I'm sure many pros (and less particular types) would have just picked it up, given it a wipe and clicked the shutter to see if it still worked and carried on.

Sorry if my generic terms like 'hole' over-dramatised things; that was not my intention. Nor was it intention to make it sound like the camera isn't well made.

My post was really just about the horror of dropping a new camera and new lens which I'm sure many here would feel as well. Wanting to get such a trivial few marks fixed is my issue

Your final 'hmmm' suggests you find something bogus about my comments, so I've fully explained what happened, take it or leave it.

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