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Catallaxy wrote:

You mentioned two lenses you like in the Nikon lineup. What lenses would you get in the Sony lineup that compares? How much do they cost? How about a kit lens? If you wanted a long telephoto wildlife or birding lens, does Sony have one of those?

Yep. Huge consideration. I have a NEX kit, but would not, at least at this point in time, contemplate NOT owning a DSLR as well. Right now, I'm in between two DSLR systems, but in general, I shoot about 40% of my shots with a 16-80 (on Sony; don't have the 16-85 yet for Nikon), 40% split between a 28/2 (the 35/1.8 on Nikon) and an 85 (I don't have the 85/1.8 yet). And the rest is primarily event/sports with a 70-200/2.8. That's a lineup that's been tweaked over 20+ years of SLR photography, changing needs, changing formats (film to APS-C). And as you can see, NEX offers none of the lenses I want to use. Sigma has a very sharp 30/2.8 that's slower than I want and not all that small. The Sony 24/1.8 is big, very expensive and the wrong FL for me. And 50mm is a nowhere FL on APS-C for me.

The other major consideration IMO is the lack of a VF. Composing with a tilting LCD is handy sometimes, and I honestly wish my D7000 had one. But not having the option of an EVF is much worse IMO. (I have the NEX-5 which does not allow an EVF; the 5n does, but it's an expensive add-on).

Now, all of that considered, part of the reason I haven't completely switched over 100% to Nikon yet is that I'd honestly like to do more of my casual shooting with a NEX-7 if the right lenses were available. (And they could be addressed with the 2012 road map, but I don't put much faith in Sony doing anything smart unless trying to sell entry level kits to teenage girls). So I've got my feet in two camps until I either see what's coming for NEX or just finally decide it's destined to be my fancy point & shoot. (It's also a very nice video recorder with the 18-200).

I saw a guy shooting a NEX yesterday and it did not really look that much smaller than my D60 all in all.

With a pancake lens, it's easily jacket-pocketable. Unfortunately, the only pancake is the 16 which is handy once in a while, but nothing I want as a carry-everywhere lens. The Samsung 30/2 is the lens I want to see on it. Meanwhile, the 18-55 is a decent enough little lens, and the combo can easily be toted around on a wrist strap as if it weren't there (or in a really small Lowepro sling bag). Go into a diner at lunch time and plop it on the table and it takes up no more room than a smart phone, were a DSLR with its neck strap (I'm taking a liking to my new BlackRapid strap) is a nuisance. It really is a camera that I'd rather grab & go with ... except that I have to factor in the lenses and the lack of a viewfinder. So mostly it's a frustrating camera that came with much promise, but sits at home more often than it should.

The Nikon 1 is considerably smaller than either the NEX or the Nikon DSLR line.

Sometimes I wonder if I ought to sell the NEX lenses (except the 18-200 and call it a dedicated camcorder) and pick up an Oly XZ-1.

Honestly, if I were going to consider a smaller ILC than a DSLR, I'd most likely go with the Oly E-M5 with the Panasonic 20/1.7 and Oly 45/1.8 plus a zoom or two. I think that cold be a much better DSLR replacement. (Even the much cheaper Panny G3, though the sensor isn't quite as good and it lacks IS which the Oly offers). Sony just has the lure of that excellent 16MP sensor

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