the 12-35 to much of a compromise

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Re: the 12-35 to much of a compromise
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Name me one f1.8 zoom lens (not "lense" BTW).

thx for underlining that shortcoming of m43 ( the other systems dont need them)

this combo is not very interesting, to much of a compromise. It does not grt a grip on the big limitation of m43, dof control.

You don't mean DOF control, you just mean shallow DOF. It's a fairly easy calculation, and if you need the equivalent shallow DOF as a FF f2.8 zoom in a MFT zoom, then you are going to be fully disappointed for all time. Also see - "moon on a stick". Every format has a compromise, if shallow DOF is important to you, make the size / weight compromise and get a FF camera.

also if price rumors ate correct its a joke. Panasonic please look at Oly. 45 mm 1.8, 12 mm f 2.0, maybe a 75 mm 1.8, thats how to do it.

Nonsense. The 12 mm f 2.0 is what, £600? Plus another £90 for the hood? And it is good, but not great. Plus you are comparing fixed focal lengths against a zoom?

the point is off course that panasonic only adressed a very minor issue with lense release and that is the 12 mm one. APS c still has a lot more choise with high quality for lot cheaper prices. And yes i shoot both. BUT i would love to only live with m43 but the shortcomings are still there.

the moment Sony gets there act together with great glass NEX will come back with a vengeance



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