If you were gay, would you want the right to get married?

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Re: If you were gay, would you want the right to get married?
In reply to Roger99, May 21, 2012

Roger99 wrote:

TFergus wrote:

Roger99 wrote:

TFergus wrote:

knox wrote:

Though I admit lately you seem to have toned it down somewhat.

Stalking creep.
I don't even know you, and you follow me around ?
A regular George Zimmerman, eh?

Do you often think there are people following you?

Just when they point out that they have.
Like Knox, above.

Odd thing happens when you post on these fora. Other people sometimes read your input. If you are obtuse enough some may wish to trace you back looking for trends or causes to determine if you are just having a bad day or something. You certainly are obtuse enough. Maybe you should take up the option of a diary if you want more privacy.

The guy admits to following my history.
I mention it.
You try and turn it into me "thinking" I'm being followed.

When was I acting like I want privacy?

Why turn your insult from me acknowledging I was being followed, to me wanting privacy?

Oh yeah... because you were made a fool of with your first attempt. And now this one
(Always read first... post second).

You can't read, your logic is flawed, your common sense is absent, you twist things to suit your next (attempted) insult after the first one fails.... and you are a moron.
I bet you're a Liberal.

Yes ?

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