Syncro speed issue using flash sync terminal on D800E body

Started May 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Syncro speed issue using flash sync terminal on D800E body
May 21, 2012


Nikon D800E allows (on paper) 1/250. I noticed shooting some stills in studio that i obtain a very harsh dark shadow at the lower part of my frame whiich is especially pronunced in the corners (it is not a vignetting problem!!!!). I'm not talking about the black band that is the common issue if you use a speed that exceeds the syncro flash speed of your camera!!!!!

So I did a test, just in the case I did something wrong in my still life lighting settings.

As always in my 25years as a pro photographer I used a connection via cable with external pro flash units the same units I use with all my cameras, and simply adjusting the syncro speed as each camera manual says.

The specific problem as i further tested is only related with the sync x connection using external non Nikon flash. Using a Nikon flash on FP don't give any problem no matter what speed you use. In this way i tested FP up to1/4000s with out any problem.

So what is the problem??? the flash x connection? the cable or the pro flash units that are the same that I use with my other cameras? or.... is something else?

I did the same test with my Sony A850 obtaining a much much lighter and uniform shadow, this time at the upper border of my frame, that is invisible if I expose the background to be pure white. Exposing to obtain a very light grey back you start obtaining a light shading that fades out gradually but not in the harsh way that the Nikon D800E does. Anyway both results are unacceptable.

The problem on Nikon D800E does not exist at 1/125 or at slower speeds, and at 1/200 or at slower speeds on Sony A850.

You can check the properties of the photos, anyway I named them by settings and camera used.

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