HBIF Catch-in-Focus process. (9 imgs)

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BobORama wrote:

One key thing: you have to have a subject to take pictures of.

That's a nice tutorial. One question. On A-series and newer, the camera would meter and focus with aperture wide open, and stop down on taking the shot. So why "manage" the aperture at all? If you were forcing the camera into a fixed, tighter aperture to give a thicker DoF - the AF system should be less picky and get more arrivals / departures. That I could understand. But you seem to indicate it works the opposite way, as less light means less focus locks.

As I have written many times before, when focus trapping hummingbirds from a tripod like this, if the light is good, an f4 lens will focus trap more often than an f2.8 lens, an f5.6 lens will focus trap more often than an f4 lens, and an f8 lens will focus trap more often than an f5.6 lens. That is because the DOF of the focus is greater the slower the lens is. So for instance, you might capture a subject with an f4 lens whereas if you have an f2.8 lens for the same subject in the same position it might not capture it because it might be too far forward or back to detect focus and fire the camera. Believe me, I have long ago given up on using f2.8 lenses for this type of shooting. An f4 will almost always work in any kind of lighting. An f5.6 or f8 lens will not always work because sometimes the light won't allow the camera to sense focus trap.

I once tried a 200mm f2.8 lens for CIF the HB's. I captured two HB's in a four hour period. The next day I switched to 300/4 and captured about 50 subjects.

There you have the main reason that I think the DA*300/4 lens is the best damn CIF hummingbird shooter in the whole danged world.



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