Panny Lenses with no OIS switch on E-M5

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Re: Panny Lenses (with an OIS switch) on E-M5
In reply to Anders W, May 21, 2012

Anders W wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

Perhaps. But the "lazy goofs in engineering" hypothesis still to me seems rather an unlikely stretch.

From a marketing standpoint, if the E-M5 (for, let us say, purely technical reasons) happened to function successfully with other brands (other than Lumix G-Series) of OIS lenses - but not with Lumix G-Series OIS lenses - it would seem to be potentially quite damaging (from a public-relations standpoint) to count on prospective customers to be able to accurately differentiate between (just) Lumix G-Series OIS compatability, and the impression of a lack of a "global" OIS-lens compatibility (applying to all brands of OIS-lenses).

In such a case, it might seem better to allow such specifics to remain somewhat vague in the course of product promotion/documentation. Silence can surely be more "golden" than specific details which might serve to inordinately confuse and cause "dissonance" in the minds of customers

Hmm. As far as I am aware there are no OIS lenses where the OIS could conceivably work on the E-M5 other than those marked Lumix.

Really ? You would know far more about this than I. Was assuming that there may exist a Canon lens (or perhaps a Nikon lens) case. A lens-guru I am not. I will take your word for that ... at which point this rather glaring omission of functionality (might) seem even more suspect, then ...

Hold the phone ! All of these conditions have existed throughout the course of (specifically) the E-M5's engineering product development ...

In all likelihood yes. The first switchless OIS lens is the 14-42 introduced already with the G2 (if I recall correctly). But this doesn't matter much. The firmware, as we know, is about the last thing they finish on a new camera.

Have you (or do you) work(ed) in a private engineering/manufacturing environment, or in an academic/educational environment ? I am wondering if perhaps it might be the latter of the two ?

Well, not only is the E-M5 a new release, but the FW Level 1.1 Update (interestingly) did nothing whatsoever to address this matter. A seemingly strange and persistent "blind spot", then ? ...

In all likelihood, the bug hadn't even been discovered when FW 1.1 was released. That release came so early that it was probably based on what had already been discovered in house or by the selected few who had access to the camera before it started shipping.

That seems a far stretch, especially for a company with $1.7 Billion in hidden losses immersed in the scandal of their corporate lifetime, and counting on products such as the E-M5 to help to rescue them from their impending fiscal perils. Very sloppy "engineering form" such would seem to be ...

Why they would be such "perfectionists" in other respects of the design/development process, yet somehow fail to bother the notice the obvious (particulalry in light of your statement that Lumix G-Series lenses are the only non-Olympus Zukio lens-brand in existence), is beyond me (and, as well, might perhaps tend to cause one to look beyond a simple "Murphy's Law" scenario) ? ...

I hope (for the sake of all E-M5 customers/users) that you are correct. Just an "oversight" missed by the E-M5's design-group (and everybody else at Olympus) in all of the various Firmware Levels released throughout the E-M5 development-cycle (also includng publicly distributed FW Level 1.1).

Yes, and if you have looked at Jonas B's thread about bugs in FW 1.1, it was hardly the only thing they overlooked. If many things can go wrong, quite a few will. Nothing surprising here. As far as I can tell, early firmware versions, including that released when a new camera first ships, like 1.1, usually contains quite a few bugs. The E-M5 doesn't seem to be an exception here although I don't have the impression that it is worse than average either.

What particular knowledge-basis is your rating based upon ?

Besides, the particular bug at issue here is of really marginal importance. If the new IBIS works as well as it reportedly does, I don't see why people should be desperate to enable OIS instead.

Perhaps it may be better to rely upon personally conducted testing (as opposed to anecdotal testimonials) where it comes to these most complicated functions that are (understandably) rather hard (for any user) to evaluate in what truly constitutes a tangibly objective, repeatable manner ?

Faith consists in believing not what seems true, but what seems false to our understanding .
- Voltaire

I put just as little stock in faith as Voltaire. Conjectures and refutations is more my kind of ball-game.

I am aware that, in the spirit of true originality, you often do seem to prefer the wisdoms of "W".

DM ...

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