HBIF Catch-in-Focus process. (9 imgs)

Started May 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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HBIF Catch-in-Focus process. (9 imgs)
May 21, 2012

Hi folks,

I've been wanting to try my Pentax-A 100mm f2.8 Macro lens for Catch-in-Focus against the hummingbirds so I thought I would, at the same time, write about the process I go through of trying to capture HB's in flight. Normally I would use the DA*300/4 because you can use multiple focus points with that lens. I will assume that most of you already know how to set up the camera for Catch-in-Focus via the menu settings and the proper switch settings.

I first set the A setting of the lens so that I could select the aperture at the lens. Then I pressed the lens lock button and rotated the lens CCW about 10 degrees. This is so I can use the lens in the AV mode and set the aperture at the lens at f8 or f5.6 in order to capture more images. FWIW: An f4 or slower lens will capture more images than an f2.8 or faster lens because of the focusing DOF. Sometimes the light is such that an f5.6 or f8 lens will not fire the shutter with CIF. I had good light for my shots today.

I prefocused the lens at the distance of the approach of the future hummingbirds would be coming in to feed.

Then I moved the camera so that the feeder is more out of the frame. Note: When I use a DA*300/4 lens the feeder is almost always completely out of the frame.

I capture an incoming humminbird but it is not in focus. These things are so fast that sometimes they will move a bit between the time the camera senses Catch-in_Focus and the time the shutter fires.

Other times the camera will sense CIF but the HB is already at the feeder before the shot is actually taken.

Other times you almost make a good capture but the eye is covered.

Finally you get a good shot of a hummingbird in the right place and in focus. However, he/she might not appeal to you for it's color or the position of the wings.

So, then you continue to let the camera take images or you close down for the day and try again the next day. Hopefully you will sometimes get a shot that is sharp and colorful that has a great pose but unlike the following it will not have the tip of it's wing out of the frame. Note: I captured this image in 2011 with the DA*300/4 lens.

Setting up the camera for Catch-in-Focus is the easy part. Capturing a HB in flight with good color and composition and at the same time sharp is the hard part and that all depends on chance.



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