For every three DSLRs one Compact System Camera is sold - how long till this reverts

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It will eventually happen but not for the reasons I hear here
In reply to expressocoffee, May 20, 2012

Not because ML will overcome dlsrs in the preference of the public, or because most like smaller cameras, as some seem to think, just because technology advances and it makes sense that more and more of cameras will become fully electronic, it's cheaper.

The VF in dslrs is still better than any EVF in any ML. But the gap is narrowing and at some point the difference will be small enough, and it'll be much cheaper to make EVF than mirror boxes-VF

AF is still an issue as well, especially for action, but Nikon seems to have developed a system that, in time, will match and then surpass the present AF-C in dslrs. CDAF is alos developing, it's also getting closer and closer and in some situations already is more flexible than MB systems.

At that point, makers will simply drop mirrorboxes, except for specialized applications, most cameras, all makers, will be ML. It has nothing to do with size, as some seem to think, or with any other subjective aspect, or brand issues. Just price and tech making it possible.

If Canon enters the game, as some say, in June, there will be a huge rise in ML sales, and I predict that Canon will be the best-selling ML in one year, the brand name and huge compact userbase is there for them to grab, and the G1X sensor is pretty good and a good size, the camera will not compete initially with the Rebels, even though eventually Rebels will also go ML.

Nikon will soon use their off-sensor PDAF in APS-C models for LV and video, initially keeping mirror, then droping it. The Nikon 1 is selling very well in Japan, two kits in the top 10 bestselling, so it's not clear, from a market POV, that they will develop another compact ML system, maybe just go for APS-C ML, larger and with the classic F-mount, they have a chance to dominate the APS-C ML if they do it well and soon enough. Those that have used the Nikon 1 PDAF system know what I'm talking about.

For Nikon 1 in Japan:

Sony will eventually drop their SLT line and go ML all the way, as soon as AF gets better. Panny already have, Oly look like they will not produce another mirrorbox camera. Pentax are shooting in every direction, will eventually go ML as well, whole lineup.

My many 2c worth.
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