7 D viewing magnification

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Re: 7 D viewing magnification
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I said reach or what ever you want to call it. You're obvisouly not a birder so don't get any advantage or see the effect from a crop sensor.

The 7d does give a massive boost to the size of the subject captured in the frame with NO PIXELS LOST from the camera, as i said the 5d crop would be tiny in comparison.

For arguements sake? i stated the arguement you are trying to make was null and void with the information you provided, because it is. The whole basis of your arguement was flawed.

I really don't care if you're one of those strange people who react aggresively and irrationally just because the word REACH is used. I don't care what term is used, there is a magnification effect from high pixel density on a cropped sensor.

It's not the same as digital zoom at all as no interpolation is involved. Once again you are demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of how this principal works...

Once again.... get your facts right

mtnredhed wrote:

Pastynator wrote:

The 7d has MORE THAN DOUBLE the pixel density of the 5dmk2 so your arguement is completely and utterly null and void.

So reading is not your strong suit eh? The first thing I said was, and I quote, "Let's assume for the sake of argument that the 5DII and the 7D sensors have the same pixel density". I was off on the second statement. It doesn't invalidate the explanation of what a crop camera is and does.

The 7D DOES have a "reach" advantage over the 5d (or however you want to phrase it), BECAUSE of that pixel density.

Again, "reach" is a completely bogus term. All you're doing is implying digital vs optical "zoom", and I already stated what dumpster that belongs in.

If the 7D was "pre-cropping" what the 5d photographed, the resultant image would be 8megapixels ish. That fact in itself shows what the 7D pixel density does.

It pays to know your facts before launching into a rant if you don't want to end up looking rather silly

And it pays to read before posting idiot replies.

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