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Re: DMC-G1 + LGV 100-300mm Analysis, Diagnosis, and Recommendation
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assaft wrote:

I just looked in the E-P1 manual and it's there in page 83. I know that the E-PL1 also had it, so probably all PENs had it.

I think we might be talking past each other here. All the PENs allow you to see the clipping warning ("blinkies" or the like) after the shot. But so do the Panys as well as many/most non-MFT cameras. What was introduced with the E-P3, however, was the ability to see these warnings even before the shot. I checked Potka's blog post again and here is what he says (just before the end) about the E-P3 in comparison with the E-P2:

The Olympus E-P3 finally fixed these deficiencies, because it has an adjustable highlight and shadow warning by colors in viewfinder image, that is, before the exposure.

The E-M5 (and presumably the E-PL3 and the E-PM1 too) has the same feature. And being able to see in the VF whether and where you have clipping without having to make a test shot will, I am sure, save me quite a bit of time and perhaps get me some shots I would otherwise have missed because it took me too long to get the exposure right. Can't understand why Pany hasn't done the same thing. After all, this is an obvious feature to add as soon as you have an EVF rather than an OVF (or more generally a camera capable of operating in live view).

My experience is only with an E-PL2 in daylight and mostly with LR 3. With LR 3, 70% of the time I could overexpose by 0.3 EV higher than the EC level in which the blinkies appear without significant penalty in the form of highlight clipping. So it basically means overexposing by 0.3 EV into the blinking area. I don't have enough experience with LR4. I hope it will allow additional 0.3 EV or so and produce better looking recovered areas.

OK. On my G1, the "blinkies" tend to be quite accurate (in spite of being based on jpegs as we have discussed) as long as I have the WB reasonably right (and all other jpeg settings at default). As a rule, once I see the "blinkies", one or more of the channels has actually clipped. And with Silkypix 3.x as well as LR 3, that means the result will be so-so no matter what I try to do about it. I guess I will now have to do some experimenting to see whether I can safely allow a little bit of actual clipping and trust LR 4 to get it right anyway.

One warning here - sometimes the blinking pixels are hard to spot because the they are scattered and small. The camera doesn't allow you to see the blinkies in the magnified view and that's a minus.

Yes, I am aware that this can be a problem at least with certain subjects. If you have a large and even surface, you can easily see the "blinkies" even if they are small. But in other cases, you can sometimes overlook them.

By the way, I think that setting -100 highlights and then raising the Whites creates some artificial light effect. Maybe it's better to set only -50 highlights (global adjustment) and then to make local adjustments on the bright areas (by -100 highlights with the Adjustment brush). There's this post - which I haven't managed to grasp yet.

Thanks for the link. I will take a look at that. Yes, going too far with the "Whites" slider can lead to artifacts. I have already seen this is some images I have been experimenting with. But as far as I can see, it's not a problem unless you take the "Whites" too far, even if you have "Highlights" at -100. For example, I couldn't see any problem of the kind we are talking about here in my Beilstein samples, although I had "Highlights" at -100 and "Whites" at +40.

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