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Re: The 5D2e
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Mike Engles wrote:


Sampling rates of 192kHz are almost pointless as we still need to play the decoded audio through generally 16 bit D/A, which still needs filtering. What is really important is dynamic range and resolution. Most audio recording is at most 24 bit resolution. 36bit or 48bit per 48Khz sample would get much closer to the original than 192Khz. It is the resolution per sample that is important and not the sampling rate. Only young children, dogs and bats can hear frequencies greater than 20kHz.

Yet, sampling at 192 kHz and 24 bit sounds much better than CD.

The same goes for digital cameras. 24 bits instead of a measly 14 bits would give a phenomenal improvement as would applying gamma to the readout of the analogue signal from the camera, before the A/D.

The 5D2/3 can record about 2^16 electrons per pixel. Even if you can accurately record each electron without errors/noise, you need 16 bits for that. But since this is Canon, ...

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