UK Digital Photo Mag Says 5d3 Better than d800

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Re: Time to hit the complain button on subprime
In reply to Jan from UK, May 19, 2012

Jan from UK wrote:

So why does Nikon warn that you need the very best glass with this camera?

Aren’t you the same Jan who’s been singing the praises of the 70-200 ISII? Is that not “the very best glass”, or is the 70-200IS2 sub standard?

We're you using sub standard glass with your 5D2?

When the 1DsII was released, reviewers were warning potential buyers to use the very best glass. They said it again when the 1DsIII was released and again when the D3x was released.

So why has it suddenly become a scandal when they give the same advice about the D800?

I know about the space centre photos taken with the 24-120mm and they were great!)

So doesn't that kinda answer your own question? Obviously you don’t need the best or a tripod to get great shots. Wold the shots be better with a tripod and MLU? Of course, but the same is true of all cameras.

Why does Jim Brandenburg say you need specialist techniques to use it?

That's not what he said. The "specialist techniques" you are referring to are the same techniques photographers have been using for decades to ensure maximum sharpness. The very same rules apply for the 5D 1 and 5D2, which is why both include MLU.

Why is there printed lists of advice that you must use a shutter speed DOUBLE the normal focal length of the lens in use?

The word "must" appears nowhere. This guy regularly shoots at half focal length or less hand, held and in big heavy glass.

Well .. it's because this camera is a one that you need to know what you're doing when taking pics with this camera.

Isn't that also true of the 5d3?

Subprime hasn't even got a 5D3. OMG .. and he's telling me that I haven't got a clue what I'm on about, it appears ..

You don't a D800, yet you seem convinced you know all about it.

Well I've done many photoshoots with my 5D3, and for me, it leaves my 5D2 dead in the water. End of this storyline for me .. Thank you for those on this forum that realise this.

Nikon can't come anywhere near my 100-400L OR 70-200 f4L

That is true, though the question of lenses is another discussion. Of course, I've only seen you sing the praises of the 70- 200 IS2, which is only slightly better than Nikon's equivalent.

Clearly you are getting by without the 70-200 f4L or the 100-400L much of the time. As for the Nikon range of lenses, the 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 f2.8s are all excellent and fulfils the needs of 90% of pro photographers out there. Yes there are a few gaps in the lens line up that need addressing, but I don’t know what gaping hole you are imagining.

Everyone may not be the best lens on the planet, so what? They will still look brilliant on large prints!

Doesn’t that apply to both systems?

I just wish that Canon wasn't pricing their lenses to fund a new whaling fleet after theirs was wiped out in the tsunami .. Let the Okinawa flame thrower GI guys begin ..

I couldn’t agree more.

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