F3 44 grams heavier than 5N also longer,taller and thicker, I would rather no flash

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Re: So You Agree .Nex is stiill pocketable
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I am sorry but you are comparing apple to orange. I bet when one day Sony made a collapse zoom it would be a lot smaller than what it is now

You can't compare a standard zoom with a collapse zoom. I really don't believe MFT lens can be a lot smaller that NEX APS-C. Look at the most recent 4X kit zoom on Olympus OMD , it seem huge to me

MFT sensor size is not small enough for real small zoom. Panasonic X zoom being tiny is not because of sensor but because of engineering. By the way go MFT forum and you will realize that lens has serious IQ problem at maximum zoom that is still not resolved

So at least at this moment this tiny zoom is not working for someone care about IQ. It is mostly sold to Asian women with the GF series who don't care or understand IQ

Everdog wrote:

gfrensen wrote:

Look at your beloved m43 camera and compare it to our Nex in size:

..with zooms...

Zoom! Right over your head. Did you read what I said?

Show me a small Sony made NEX lens that was released in the last 12 months? Show me a small zoom lens that can compete with the Panasonic or Nikon 1???

You picked the one from release day that is small. If you read my post (which I don't think you understood), I said since then they seem to have given up on size...and there in NOTHING wrong with that. With larger DSLR sized lenses they can shoot for better image quality.

And now not only are the lenses getting bigger, but so are the bodies. They simply can't compete with the new Nikon or rumored Canon in size. They will focus on IQ and make more large non-pocketable lenses, and then make a smaller body with some small lenses just like when everyone added APS to FF.

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