Question for those with X100 and Pro 1

Started May 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jeff Seltzer
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Owned both, plus 5DII
In reply to Sutto, May 18, 2012

For a short time, I owned both X100 and X-Pro1 (with all three lenses). Plus, I own 5DII + L Primes.

Obviously (well, maybe not for some people), you can't argue that someone's subjective opinion is wrong. So, if you feel the X-Pro1 feels "cheap" then there's nothing I can say to make you feel it doesn't. Personally, I think it feels very solid and well built. The X100 does as well. I wish the X-Pro1 had a little more metal, but it still feels very well built for me.

As for as IQ, hands down the X-Pro1 wins. Easily for me. It's important to note that there are meaningful IQ differences among the three lenses, so those who don't own all three don't come with full perspective. Just for a DOF perspective, the 35 1.4 can not be replicated on the X100, nor can the effect of 60mm at 2.4. Yes, the X100 had very good image quality, but the X-Pro1 is amazing...easily the equal of my 5DII with L primes.

I also think the X-Pro1 is just more "fun" to shoot with - it's a little more serious, and you can of course change lenses which, just by itself, makes it a more versatile tool. I don't think I've used my 5DII since taking home the X-Pro1. I've also sold my X100 because I just couldn't justify owning both. Do I miss the 35mm POV? A little. But, there will be a solution soon enough.

Yes, the X-Pro1 does have somewhat of a learning curve. But, it's worth it.

Sutto wrote:

I had a fiddle with a X-Pro in the shop yesterday. Was not too impressed with the handling, compared to my X100. It did not feel as solid - felt a bit plastic, and the focus seemed no faster, maybe even slower. I noticed that the OVF was sharp (with my glasses on), but the EVF was blurry. Was that a faulty camera or is that the norm? If so seems silly, how can you fix that? If you put in a diopter for one - the other will be blurry!

I guess I can put up with that stuff if the files are a marked improvement on my X100. Can owners of both please comment on the above quarks and how the files of the two cameras compare. I have just come back from 5 months overseas shooting for the website, and want to return to Asia next year for 7 months. I would like to leave the brick behind (D700 and 80-200 IFED) and take the X100 again, and maybe the X-Pro with the 60mm lens, instead of the DSLR. Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.



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