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Bad, bad idea.
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pcassel wrote:

I'm intrigued with the Nikon D800e, but have no interest in swapping my Canon gear for Nikon. My 5D2 is just fine for me, but the lack of an AA filter interests me greatly.

I shoot landscapes almost exclusively so the issue of the moire patterns is moot for the most part. If it were to show up, I'll deal with it in CS. I'd rather deal with the occasional moire pattern than deal with an overall smudged image smudged just in case one of these patterns may be present if the smudging didn't occur.

Anyway, has anybody experience removing the AA filter from the 5D2? Tips, tricks, traps? Who might do this surgery on my 5D2? I surely don't feel up to it unless it's really child's play. I have no idea what it'd entail.

I know the Nikon D800E is all the rage, but, seriously, there's a reason for an AA filter. If you want more detail, get more pixels. A FF version of the 7D sensor, for example, at 46 MP, with a well tuned AA filter , would be a lot better than a 5D3 sensor without an AA filter.

Yes, a necessary consequence of such a large pixel count is reduced frame rate, and reduced video performance (line skipping) -- both reasons that Canon probably chose 22 MP for the 5D3 sensor.

But, for video, you sure don't need get rid of the AA filter for the 2 MP video frames, so you're left with frame rate.

So, the utility of going AAless is if you shoot wide open or f/16+ a lot, since the blur from lens aberrations or diffraction will serve the same purpose as the AA filter. But for those that shoot inbetween, the AA filter is a good thing.

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