Blurry pics from E-M5 (IBIS related)

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Re: Louis is right because E-M5 IBIS is different from EP3 IBIS
In reply to ZoranC, May 18, 2012

Frankly, you are one of those people who could argue with yourself in front of the mirror, and I can't be bothered.

ZoranC wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Yes, any IS system potentially introduces loss of sharpness and is best turned off, that's obvious. On what I am seeing however the EM-5 is unusually immune.

How you can make such a generalized statement without data from correctly devised test that would support it? We know you can't. Only thing you can do is say that EM5 is immune for YOU . But you have no way of extrapolating that to generalization without any data nor without knowing how much weaker/stronger your grip/handling is when compared to somebody else. Until then you are just blabbing.

In a later post you said the weight of the lens does not affect IBIS. Test IBIS in on an E-PM1 with lighter and heavier lenses and see for yourself.

Everybody with some correct knowledge of image stabilization knows it's not the weight of the lens that affects IBIS, or any other IS system, it is technique user is using to hold particuar combo that affects it, less balanced combos are more sensitive to users that do not have skills/technique/brain to adapt their shooting technique based on which combo they have in hand at the moment. Those that refuse to use brain will blame it on weight of lens (just like they blame camera for their refusing to read and comprehend manuals), those that use brain will adapt and not be affected by "weight of lens".

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