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Re: I would agree, but you are missing the point...
In reply to Gene L., May 18, 2012

When computer-geeks (as everyone has called me since I was 9) sometimes come off arrogant...there are at least 2 sides

1) Job security - a LOT of the tasks that IT personal and support companies actually make money off of is nothing difficult to do. If they hit their customers with a lot of scary words, the customers fear of what they don't know turns into trust for the person who does. This happens with mechanics, carpenters, and all the others that everyone is already defensive of, but all professions even dentist who say you need work you don't do this. It's the weaker person who withholds knowledge to protect themselves, but it happens.

2) Jaded - There was a point once where I didn't think I actually had any friends. My phone was always ringing, and I was always being texted by all my friends. "should I buy this or this" "can you help me with this" "what does this mean" My boss calls me Google because she said it has become faster to ask me. This happens to a LOT of people who like to help their friends, my cus too finds it hard to find time, because of all the advice, help, troubleshooting he is always doing. That is NOT our problem. I always try to teach everyone how to fish. I put together an entire presentation on the evolution of CPU's from the 8080 to the present, explaining to them the logic, how a file system works, all the basics and all the WHYs so it wasn't just click here then here, but you want to execute THIS so look for something that says THIS. It was to wean myself away. A lot of them tried, some got good, some got fearless. Then they forgot, and most have returned to "Bob......" When you start using words that sound like you know something big a secret, it's because I am trying to filter them. "Do you really care? or do you just want it fixed and you are staring at my nose waiting for me to stop speaking" if they care, they question what I say, if they dont, it allows me to just sit down and fix it myself. I have no problems explaining and helping, I have no problems fixing if they can't. I dont want to do both, it takes too much time.

So just like everything else, some people what to sound smart, some people don;t want to waste their time, some people have a lot more patience then me. I respect them.

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