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Cal Dawson
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Re: $800 cheaper than the 5DIII
In reply to Biff Stephens, May 18, 2012

I'll just ignore the troll comment since you obviously don't know me. As for selling what I don't pick it's not going happen , I still have my Canon cameras from the 70's (and they still work) plus I still plan on using the gear I have. I'm not the type of person who buys a chevy or a ford and thats all I'll ever buy from now on (I like to keep an open mind). I'm curious why you consider photography to be like a sport (with sides/teams) rather than a means to capture the moment. Best gear for best results, I've seen great results from both (Teams/sides ???) Not really sure what the point of your post was while not insightful I did find it humorous....

Biff Stephens wrote:

Cal is simply a troll...a canon/nikon/whatever troll

Sorry but the 800 dollars wasn't even enough of a difference in price to justify this thread. Do your self a favor and sell what ever you don't pic and buy more lenses...I don't care what side you go to (pick Nikon please) you'll be better off and at least you wont look like a wimp like you do now with this dual side BS your trying to float by everyone!

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Put a Canon to your head, You deserve it....

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