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Re: Learn a little about photography and you'll have a lot more fun
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MDean wrote:

I'm pretty sure the A65 had both Portrait and Landscape Scene modes but not Landscape+Portrait, which is what I am probably looking for

It makes no difference.

"Lansdcape and portrait" mode does not do anything special, other than set an aperture probably around F8 so that the background is relatively sharp,

Plain Lansdcape mode probably tries to shoot between f8 and f11.

A pure portrait mode will aim for f4 or f5.6 in the belief that you want the portrait to stand out against a relatively blurred background.

Digital photography is simply about manipulating a combination of three elements:

1. The aperture ( the amount of light the lens lets through the hole at the back into the camera.

2. The shutter speed. ( the amount of time the image is projected through the lens onto the digital sensor)

3. The sensor sensitivity ( known as ISO) where the relative sensitivity of the sensor to light can be increased or decreased.

How the picture looks ( blurred or sharp backgrounds, motion blur or frozen action ) are also affected by these three elements.

All the programme modes on a camera do, is juggle these three elements to get an approximation of what you are trying to achieve.

It is really, really easy to quickly learn what is going on. The effect of any programme mode can be easily achieved at any time just by learning a few basics.

It is just as easy to put the camera in P mode and then use your right thumb to turn the control dial , this shifts the balance between shutter speed and aperture to get exactly the same effect.

Once you have a basic idea what's happening your pictures will improve fast, especially once you take more control for yourself.

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