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Stephen 06
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Re: packy ... stop being so boringly fixated, please ...
In reply to Kim Letkeman, May 17, 2012

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Seriously, get yourself a project that someone might care about. You are following the wing nut doctrine and he has been completely discredited for this sort of behaviour ...

Is that the best you can do, Kim? I have no doubt that you did read my last post. Who are you trying to kid? You don't miss a trick and can't ignore a thing. Problem couldn't respond to it. Simple as that. All you had in you was this little whimper above. Pathetic really that you can't even bring yourself to say "yep, you got me there and you are correct, buddy". I guess the big ego doesn't allow that.

As for me getting a project here??....Dude, about 90% of your posts here are made up of arguing, fighting and bickering with people. So we know what your main project is here, don't we??. The evidence is there to see. Its undisputable. Photography only plays a minor part in your life on this forum. The facts are there and i'm calling you out on them. Just look at your last 20 posts. About 18 of them are bickering type posts. Just glance over the 27,000 of them and you will get an even bigger picture of your agenda here...intentional or not. I'd say about 20,000 of them are "conflict related" with other people. Throw about 13 bans into the bargain we need any more evidence of what your project really is?? It's in Black and White.

You also had no comeback about my response to your "I will respond to people like you" comment that you made. DPR told you to put a sock in it. You said yourself you were going to put a sock in it. But now you have backtracked and openly admitted that you won't put a sock in it and that you will engage people that you are in conflict with. When your u-turn was pointed out, you had no comeback, no defense....just the above pathetic whimper....sigh!

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