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Rick Knepper
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Perhaps it might help to explain how more detail gets recorded.
In reply to Great Bustard, May 17, 2012

My jab at it: Given the same surface area e.g. a FF sensor, more pixels per line (horizontal and/or vertical) records more/finer detail at capture due to a finer "resolution" (the non-print big definition of the word).

All any Canon user had to do was compare their 5D to the 5D2 before selling off their 5D, and this silly ongoing debate would have been virtually silent on this forum except from Nikon users (until now). Apparently few if any ever did. I did and the result was clear, more megapixels, more detail at my target image presentation size (1800x1200 electronically as viewed from 12 to 18 inches - essentially my computer monitor an NEC 2690). This is one part of the IQ equation but certainly not the only. For landscape styles, it is an important consideration, for other styles, other factors may be way more important.

I know that after comparing 12 MP to 21 MP, I saw an increase in captured detail. My only concern for the 21 MP to 36 MP jump is the law of diminshing return for my aforementioned target presentation size.

Of course, the possibility exists that these "arguments" are being made by folks who really know better but are currently under the control of fanboi compulsions.

This gentleman talking about blurry this and that must be referring to images shot by someone with poor technique (which has nothing to do with the camera). Also, he doesn't seem to understand the phrase "all else being equal".

Great Bustard wrote:
Just wanted to answer this point in a filled thread:


What's clear is that, all else equal, 36 MP will never look worse than 22 MP, and will usually look better. How much better depends on many variables.

No true. You fail to answer this question - how a blurry 36mp photo looks and prints better than a tack sharp 22mp photo?

Sorry, qianp2k -- all else equal (same lens, same aperture, same sensor size, same relative AA filter strength), more pixels will always resolve more detail than fewer pixels.

For example, a 36 MP sensor will resolve between 0 and 28% more linear detail over a 12 MP sensor -- it will never resolve less (all else equal, of course).

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