Do I have this right?

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Re: It's not just sharpness, it's consistent sharpness...
In reply to Kendall Helmstetter Gelner, May 16, 2012

Well, maybe.

But in practice how often does this occur?

Looking at my Lightroom catalogue which shows some 28,000 images, I can recall precisely no images where the Bayer pattern has caused obvious image quality issues. That's not to say that there aren't issues but they are not a stand out problem for me.

In my Foveon collection (heavily filtered to remove all the dross, so only a couple of thousand surviving images) there are lots of problems with reds blown out to featureless red or skewed to magenta - some even despite a full 5 stops of underexposure. In theory the evenness of the Foveon colour resolution should be an advantage. In reality, there are enough other problems with Foveon and/or the software that vastly outweight that theoretical advantage.

IMO, at the current state of the art, Foveon clearly demonstrates problems with consistent accurate colour and white balance, general noise, aliasing and other pixel level defects that are worse (overall) than the minor glitches with the Bayer approach. I hope that with further development the Foveon chip will become competitive across the board including in the areas where Bayer is strong and that this will allow the advantages of the Foveon tech to be the decisive factor. At the moment however it is well short of that benchmark, although no doubt the fans will continue to place more weight on he positives than the deficiencies - which I guess is how it should be. In the meantime, the mainstream will look to Sigma for more development and more improvements.

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