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Detail Man
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Your Bogus Oratory falls on reasonably deaf ears ...
In reply to peevee1, May 16, 2012

peevee1 wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

I don't think that a reasonable "expectation of privacy" could or should exist in public places. Merchants and governments constantly video-record our images without asking,

Merchants do it on their property.

Correction: Private businesses also do it from their property outward into public lands and spaces, as well as exclsively within their private property. It's all about their sense of "uber-entitlement" ...

If you want to go on THEIR property, you explicitly surrender certain rights (and they usually have some notices about camera surveillance).

You sound like some sort of shill for private industry. And (see below) for people who wear badges

Government agencies have protocols to ensure limited access to the data.

That is some of the most naive, ill-informed dribble I have heard. Is your name "Rumpelstiltskin"? ...

It is different if you take my picture and put it on flickr.

Sadly, individuals do not "own" the public places that they may pass through. I do not like having my picture taken, either - but see my previously posted arguments as to why I think that it is unreasonable to expect an "expectation of privacy" in public places. Would you demand that other persons (also) avert their eyes and not look at you because you believe that you "own" any "image" beheld of your mug ? Perhaps they should cover their ears when you speak, instead ? ...

Most importantly, despite the self-serving paranoia of police and military farces as well as private businesses and corporations, it is similarly essential that private citizens have the right to photograph and video-record police, military, and business activities that occur in any public places.

I agree about public employee activity in their official jobs, but not otherwise.

Well, that just shows you for the toady to authority and power that you may well be. Such knee-jerk deluminations seem to me to be the most dangerous allegiances of all in a free society ...

A number of individuals here in Seattle, WA, (as well as across the US) have (literally) had their heads "busted-in" by police officers for doing just that, however.

This is wrong.

Your bellicose ignorance is tiring. You are shooting your mouth off here without even a thought to knowing whereof you speak. Let's do skip further conversation. Your approach to the knowing, and the finding, and the acknowledgment of facts is truly a waste of my, and the readers', time ...

No camera, or video-cam, has ever harmed or killed people !

But the pictures sure did harm millions though. The laws did not appear from nowhere.

You seem far more enamored by the titillation factor of hearing your own voice echo here in these "hallowed halls" than by any sense of duty to tether your blabber to realism or to common sense.

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