1st day out in a park (HS30)

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Larry Winters
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jcmarfilph wrote:

Huh, what a coincidence. My HS30 arrived last Friday only.

HS30 is all about better photographic experience.

I think that's true with all cameras though. Different strokes for different folks as they say. The speed of a manual zoom to acquire the pic has let me get shots that otherwise would have been missed waiting for an electronic one.

Can you perceive any significant difference in speed at wide-angle between HS30 and FZ150? How about long-zoom-end? How about in low-light?

Actually I think they are very close. Maybe a slight nod to the FZ150. Shot to shot times are close as well, but the FZ150 clears the buffer much faster. I haven't really sat down with a timer to compare though. The shutter lag on both is almost non existent. I was worried about the HS30 since the HS10 had one heck of a delay, but the HS30 is snappy fast as you know.

Can you post a side-by-side comparison at ISO-1600? I find HS30 better than SX40 in my own comparison.


I've made the decision that I won't be posting any comparison pics ever again. Too much controversy and agravation with trying to please everyone. I know what I want from any camera and that's all that matters to me. I'll let everyone else do their due diligence.

I do have some thoughts about RAW though. First, I've never been a fan of Silkypix and since my computer still runs on the 32bit XP I can't upgrade to LR4 without a major upgrade to a 64bit computer. So far the DNG conversions to LR 3.6 haven't been very fruitful. I may try some other converters and see what happens.

Larry Winters wrote:

Hi Joms:

Seems like we've taken a similar path lately with our cameras. I too sold my SX40 and just last Friday purchased a HS30 for $409. I had originally set in my mind to wait until sub $400, but what the heck it was close enough.

So far I'm not REAL impressed with the IQ at base ISO, but it has enough other qualities that I admire that prompt me to keep it. The IQ at base ISO with some advanced sharpening is close enough to the FZ150 and SX40 provided I don't look above 50%. The manual zoom is the largest overriding factor. The rubberized body and build are nice, as is the DR, high ISO output and much improved EVF. But honestly the manual zoom is the deal maker. The video sucks but my new Panny ZS20 with true 1080P HD can handle what I require.

Looks like you're enjoying your HS30 which I plan on doing as well in the near future.


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