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Re: Not the G5.
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Dheorl wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

The lines are segmented naturally.

I don't agree. DMC-GH2 does not have anything which if mass produced on the scale of GH2+G3 costs more than $10 taken together. The same with GF5/GX1.

Ok, seeing as you're clearly going to disagree that the GH2 sensor is a completely different beast

It is different, but it absolutely has no reason to be significantly more expensive if produced at the same scale, and could be even cheaper if produced at the scale of current sensors combined. After all, most of the cost of all chips are fixed costs of R&D and tooling for their production, not the silicon they are made of.

lets assume that the only differences that cost any money at all are the EVF and the touch screen.

That alone means 4 different lines of cameras.

No. If low-level plastic-bodied GF/GX replacement has hotshoe (as they must), EFV can easily be purchased as an accessory.

Now what about if you include processing power from high quality movie/better autofocus etc. Yes you could just say get last years model

That is exactly what I am saying.

Say you don't need the AF speed of a canon 60D so you think "oh, I'll save money and get the 50D". You've also just missed out on a better sensor and a better movie mode, 2 huge things in the camera world.

To process stuff from better sensor you need better processor. Does not make sense to decouple them. Want better - pay more for the current gen. Works wonders for profitability of Apple. And see where Pana and Oly sit with their bloated lines with obscure (for most customers not reading long comparisons) differences.

Don't forget, if Pana did not waste resources on development of inferior G2/G3/GF3/GF5, GH3 and GX1 would be released LAST YEAR. All this hoopla about E-M5 would happen LAST YEAR about GH3. GH2 would be serving as the low-price camera where G3 is now. Sony/Samsung/Fuji/Nikon (and Canon too) would not be eating Pana's bread. The same with Oly and the bunch of PENs.

Development of unnecessarily downgraded products is not free at all. In fact, in high-tech almost all cost is fixed cost and it is enormous, as soon as production is set up marginal cost of the next unit is very low.

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