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Tom Caldwell
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Re: All sensors are B&W
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Midwest wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Well it wasn't one of my "rumours" (grin) but I did speculate that the small Leica aps-c removeable lensed M mount body that was announced after Ricoh was working on the A12 mount module might have been a reworked and re-badged Ricoh. Seemed a sensible collaboration to me.

However I was shot down in flames at daring to say such a thing. Ok for Leica to re-badge Panasonic gear but for Leica to actually capitalise on Ricoh's technology - the shame!

Now I'm not saying they WILL, but Ricoh COULD buy Leica and get access to their b/w sensors, or just re-badge the whole product line! But they probably won't.

I agree, that was my only point. I was not making any aspersions as to the quality of Leica's craftsmanship merely pointing out that whilst Ricoh gets flak in respect of its relatively small share of the digital camera market with daily expectations of the demise of its camera division it did buy Pentax assets lock stock an barrel (they were obviously for sale). On the other hand whilst Leica is no doubt profitable their market share must be even less and the Leica camera company depends entirely on very small volumes at high margins to survive. To them their careful craft and reputation are everything. But sometimes having a camera division that is a small corner in a vast copier company has its merits (despite the sneers).

In business it is a cruel world and you either prosper and survive, sell out or have your market encroached upon and stolen.

Nothing will match a Leica but its traditional peripheral market area has been encroached upon by the A12 mount and now Fuji, for one, must also be producing an alternative for some who are not rusted to the Leica aura. Potential new recruits lost.

Leica does not need my advice but probably needs to produce products that demonstate its supriority to less well heeled buyers. They announced a smaller aps-c LM mount camera a while ago. But all that surfaced in Berlin was a re-working of existing products and a price hike.

Someone once said to me "if you produce half as many items and charge twice the price then you make more money".

Granted also that Ricoh took forever to get the A12 to market.

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Tom Caldwell

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