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Re: Not the G5.
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Dheorl wrote:

I would have said the GH2 sensor clearly costs more to produce than the G2 sensor for instance. If nothing else the fact it is bigger and therefore has a higher chance of a dud being produced and well as simply requiring more silicon. The fact that it also uses a different ADC method probably ups the costs.

The size difference is negligible. If anything, the cost would come down if they would produce more of them (instead of developing the different one for G3, as well as G2 and G3 themselves), distributing fixed costs of the sensor between larger number of them.

The lines are segmented naturally.

I don't agree. DMC-GH2 does not have anything which if mass produced on the scale of GH2+G3 costs more than $10 taken together. The same with GF5/GX1.

Easily as naturally as the canon DSLR lines and they seem to be doing fine.

Canons sell many times more of their cameras, in any model except maybe top FF (which have huge margins for that). Fixed costs are split between them.

The best strategy is the good old one - make it as good as possible for as many as possible customers, segment only when there is irreconcilable difference. Take iPhone, the most successful of them all. Stupid company would produce 5 of them in 1 generation, some with slow processor, some with crappy screen, some with limited software, some with everything bad but cheap. Apple produces just 1 real model in 1 generation, but splits on what
1) costs them nothing in additional fixed costs

2) costs them significant money per unit, while maybe not necessary for some customers (amount of flash - they have to pay more for 64GB)
3) irreconcilable and simple - color
Low end will take care of itself when you release next generation.

If Apple releases iTV, it will be just one line, maybe in several sizes, not hundreds of obscurely named XTG-JJG58JG TVs a customer cannot understand.

In cameras, for example, built-in EVF or lack of it is natural segmentation - it costs significant money, takes space and weight, some people don't want it. The same with weather sealed metal body.

OTOH, hot shoe and microphone input and a couple more buttons cost practically nothing, and DISABLING certain features in firmware actually cost you - all of it should just be there.

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