If I buy my 1st SLR today, I may not pick a Canon

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Re: Canon's trump card
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Sony NEX's AF system is inferior to Canon's PDAF in terms of speed, it is purely CDAF based. Canon lags a bit in CDAF but that is also because they just haven't really gone mirrorless yet besides for P&S's.

Sony Alpha SLT system is neither superior or inferior, but different...instead of a flapping mirror its fixed. So you get EVF and PDAF at the same time, but even this does not necessarily fix back/front focus, but merely gives you live-view + PDAF at the same time at the cost of sending some light away from the sensor into the PDAF system. Reflex or mirrorless thus is still better for those who do not want to subtract any light away from the sensor at all!

Sony's Alpha SLT's are well priced and well featured, but they will always lag far behind either Canon or Nikon in sales, because IMO many DSLR enthusiasts will not want to subtract away any light away from the sensor! This is why Nikon is doing so well with Sony sensors and Sony is not ...because the Sony sensor is amazing, but Sony is too bleeding edge and wants to put a fixed translucent mirror in front. This is fine for those that are adamant about auto-focus during video...but IMO that minor issue is not enough to give up 1/3rd stop of light all the time. People pay huge premiums for fast glass, or sensors with a tad more low-light performance, so IMO it is just not a great solution for photo buffs to give up that 1/3rd stop of light. Add to it a similar lens availability issue for the Alpha line as there is NEX (although they do have a good 16-50 2.8), and its a non-starter for many.

Also the 2015 quote seems to indicate when they will go 100% robotics...to me this indicates a very radical shift to support legacy for only 3 years longer while they introduce new product lines. But yes that figure does not seem very realistic...they've been supporting and building lens for 20 yrs, so to say that they will be 100% robotic in only 3 years is a big stretch. So it depends on interpretation on whether you think they will be 100% automated in 3 years or if they will start doing robotics in 3 years...IMO the former interpretation means they are going very very fast, and the latter interpretation means they are taking a leisurely pace...the truth is most likely somewhere in between.

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