Easiest/Fastest HDR Bracketing Method

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Re: Easiest/Fastest HDR Bracketing Method
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4x5 Guy wrote:

If you want mirror up, don't you want some time for vibrations to dampen? Otherwise what's the point?

Any reasonable camera won't need mirror lockup (MLU). You need it on a weak tripod which may vibrate, but not handheld. I measured this extensively for a Pentax K-5 and mirror slap or trigger movements are non issues compared to shutter blur (which is tiny but larger than mirror slap). This is so because, unlike the shutter, the mirror stopped moving as soon as the shutter opens. So, there is no mirror-induced acceleration during the time the shutter remains open. I measured it because it is hard to believe.

In a HDR bracket, you want the most rapid possible burst of images, ideally a burst of 3 each 3 stops apart taken in 1/2s.

The D800 has too high DR to make a less than 3EV bracket make sense. Except at high ISO. At ISO 100, you can easily underexpise 2 stops and push 4 stops in post. No need for doing an HDR bracket here.

I have a D800E, but the HDR bracketing function is ridiculous compared to Pentax and Canon.

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