Union Leadership Abuse

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Mr Rainbow,

Well, I am always suspicious of a fellow who gets paid more than he needs to live, whatever he strives at. Being a human, he will become addicted to the cash and forget all about doing the job for its own sake.

Now, I like the notion of union officials who get paid nowt for their officialdom but do the task because they believe it to be right. Moreover, it is best if their real job is of the same kind as those of the people they represent. How else will they know of what they fight for?

Moreover, the strength of a union is the strength in numbers having a cogent, coherent and co-ordinated intent, not the sophistic cantrips of an official pretending the buttering a boss but getting buttered instead; as you mention yoursen. The official should be just the lever, not the enjin.

Still, it does take time and effort to do a good union job, so let the fighters have a stipend. It will be 0.001% of the total extra value they gets in increased wages for the lads & lasses!

For all the other union services they contribute to, such as better working conditions, defence agin arbitrary sacking, fending off the bullymen and prevention of bosses feeling at the nethers of attractive workers, let the union rep's pay be a glow of righteous satisfaction.

Aye, it was enough for me when I was a union rep, so there! (And I didn't even get the 0.001%).

SirLataxe, not interested in being "represented" by a teat-sucking fatcat, nor his useless relatives.

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