Lightroom 4 in the App store - conspiracy theories wanted

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Re: Lightroom 4 in the App store - conspiracy theories wanted
In reply to Jen Yates, May 14, 2012

Jen Yates wrote:

Apple take a 30% cut of lightroom sales in the app store. If Apple stopped developing aperture then there sooner or later yet another 'lightroom alternative' would appear, and then Apple might get 30% of those sales rather than 100% of it's own.

At the moment Apple get 100% of aperture and 70% of lightroom (A small portion of lightroom sales that is).

I would wager my right arm and at least half of my left leg on this statement...

"In the app store, Apple sells more copies of aperture per day than they do Lightroom"

What an odd wager. No upside, only down, with a bump!

Lightroom only became available a few days ago, so it's early days. If Lightroom becomes popular, the dynamics change. As it is already more popular via other channels, there is a reasonable chance it could become more popular in the App store too.

Remember to do the leg first, it will be harder with only one arm.

If Apple stopped developing aperture they would make less money...

End of.

Revenue is only one part of a business. They get 100% of the revenue but carry 100% of the development and support costs. With Lightroom they get 30% of the revenue with near 0% of the development and support costs.

(Plus Apple likes giving us the option of working within a seemless eco-system (or the illusion of one). Aperture will sync with our iOS devices for example where Lightroom 'won't')

I disagree. Aperture is extremely limited in it's syncing with iOS:

  • It only syncs previews, no preview no photo. This means you have to maintain previews, in addition to the large thumbnails it already uses for browsing.

  • Previews slow down the processing and are bug ridden.

  • Previews have limits to the sizes that can be created, none of which are optimal for iPad, leading to lower quality photos on the iPad.

I've found a much better solution is to export iPad optimised photos from Aperture, and then add these to iPhoto (referenced to avoid duplication). I then use iPhoto as my preview organiser (and media sharer) which also allows fun features like places and faces to be used without getting in the way of my serious workflow.

In the other direction, Lightroom with PhotoSmith syncs better than Aperture with the Photo App in that you get to keep your metadata and organisational decisions you made on the road using just your iPad.

This is an area I'm really hoping for improvements in with Aperture, but it may need iOS 6 which is being previewed in June at the developer conference. Maybe this explains the delay in an Aperture update, or maybe not and it could be added as an incremental feature after iOS 6 ships.


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