Has Adobe gone too far?

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Re: Has Adobe gone too far?
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Retired for two years now. Before that, as a multimedia designer for a fortune 100 company, I used old Photoshop 7 and new Xara Designer Pro for illustration work. Never saw any need to upgrade Photoshop, actually... and I dropped Adobe back at version CS when I opened a stock photo of a dollar bill and got this insane warning notice (pounds and euros, too).

Here's a professional's secret: you don't need the latest version. Because at work, it's not really about your art -- it's about selling the product, in marketing or advertising, and the art is there to enhance the product's features but never to be noticed for itself, as that would weaken the selling message.

Today, as an amateur photographer, I use Corel Aftershot and Xara. I shoot mostly JPGs with an XZ-1, and post-processing is easy -- lower brightness a bit, increase contrast a bit, maybe increase color saturation a little -- and -- very carefully -- sharpen slightly. Now and then, for RAW images, the Olympus software lets me easily change the color balance and gradation for tricky shots.

Sadly, Adobe's gone down the bloatware route for a long time now. I could easily buy at least one new XZ-1 every year, or perhaps a new DSLR, with what I'd have to spend on their upgrades.

Two bright spots, though. Adobe Acrobat Pro is excellent, and old versions work just fine. Also, a friend tells me that Adobe Premiere Elements is all you need to make great videos, but that one I'll leave for my grandchildren.

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