Kirk Tuck says OM-D is shot across the bow

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Jim Holloman wrote:
PerL wrote:

You are forgetting the DOF-control, where FF always will be better.

What if DOF-Control was transferred from incredibly EXPENSIVE and HEAVY lenses (which also means heavy tripods, heavy mono-pods, heavy camera bags) to relatively inexpensive software. It is not only feasible, but not far-fetched, either.

That day will be death of m43 format, because by the time that would happen cellphone cams would be good enough for usual masses. If not cellphones then pentax Q would be the best and unbeatable option for masses because of size.

The point I was trying to make, and some will not ever accept, is that we cannot see the future -- we cannot predict the future; not even 4 or 5 years ahead. Many companies develop 3 year and 5 year plans. And, these plans provide a "road map" to where the company wants to go. Yet, at the end of the periods, the companies often find themselves nowhere near where they were expecting to be -- often times because of unpredictable technological developments or business developments or shifts in international relations. It wasn't too many years ago that Apply computer had to be saved from near bankruptcy by Microsoft. Now, look -- who is the "king of the mountain"?

What if, in 4 years, we have a new sensor design that captures images at 25,000 ISO with noise levels no higher than today's sensors at 400 ISO. And DOF was controlled by software. Would we still need HEAVY and EXPENSIVE lenses? I wouldn't think so. The IBIS in the OM-D has taken a big step towards eliminating the tripod -- and I would not have predicted it.

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