Nikonrumors see the D600 as more likely and gives more specs

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Re: Example of successful product differentiation by Nikon..
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Shannow wrote:

Cha chief I think the next d300s will be the D7000 successor . 5fps vs 8fps is not bad considering the shutter size being bigger .

Personnaly I though IQ was the thing that interested most people in photography no ? (rhetorical question too) Which is where FX leaves the DX in a different league .

Auto WB perfomance ? With raw files on a post processing program ?

The company chasing fps is sony with their SLT camera going at 12fps for an entry level again not the same technology you can't have the butter and the money for the butter .

Sorry if I seem offensive it is not the goal of my words .


No offense Jonathan, not at all. I can appreciate your comments. Once again, the features that mean the most to you, don't mean the most to me or many others. The D300 images were and still are quite good. That statement of course is relative as what it good to me isn't necessarily good to you. The 51 point Multi-CAM 3500DX auto focus in the D300 is proven to be quite accurate and fast. Great for action and that is what I want. I want the option of 8fps as I have an 8 year old boy who likes to run around.

You mentioned IQ being the most important factor to people but that leads me to believe that you were suggesting that you can't have good IQ and a camera that can shoot 8fps. I know that is not what you were saying but that is what you implied. IQ was quite excellent with the D300 and all I'm saying is that it could be even better and still offer 8fps and an advanced auto-focus system. They could do the same thing with FX in a smaller body than the D4 and provide 8fps and an advanced auto-focus system and skip the 36mp which I and many others could care less about. 16mp is about right for me as I'm not trying to print pictures the size of my house.

And yes 5fps isn't bad but if the D300 could give 8fps what is wrong with me wanting 8fps? If the D300 could have an advanced AF system that can track superman in flight, what is wrong with me wanting an advanced AF system that can track my 8 year old boy bouncing around like superman? Bottom line, I could care about 36mp at 4fps. I want 16mp at 8fps with a highly accurate AF system whether it's FX or DX for under $1800. When Nikon does that, I'm in.

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