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wictred wrote:

jj74e wrote:

compressed RAW

where did you read that?

is it the same RAW "compression" that Jay was talking about in the FW 1.04 thread?

No. This is actual compressed RAW (SRW like in the NX10/100/11, although obviously because of the higher pixel count, the RAW files of the NX210 will still be a bit bigger than those of the NX10/etc; but it is smaller than the NX200).

The NX200's firmware update was simply a size reduction , but not a full compression

I forget where I read that the NX210 has compressed RAW- i'm sure a quick google search will find some sources

I think the NX20/210/1000 RAW performance will be similar to the old NX200 and will be a huge disappointment for the fanboys here. If there would be an improvement then it would have been mentioned in the hands-on reviews and user tests, don't you think?

Well there aren't any hands on reviews; no one really has a production model of the NX20 yet, and of course no one is going to make a full review based on a preproduction unit.

I don't think the RAW performance/write times will be significantly faster, but it's too early to tell if it won't be improved at all.

i think somewhere it was said that the NX210 has a mic jack in now, whereas the NX200 did not

no, the mic is connected via the connection in the hot shoe.

it is still unclear if the NX200 connection pins can also be used. The external mic is not mentioned on the old NX200 accessories page ( http://www.samsung.com/global/nx/nx200/#/main )

Well, the mic can be connected via the hot shoe, but I meant mics in general with a 3.5mm jack; there is a mic jack (there are other websites that say so as well if you don't trust this site)

still, there are a lot of reasons imho to wait for the NX210 instead of buying an NX200 now. The NX200 firmware updates still couldn'T solve the various issues and shortcomings that were reported in even the first reviews last year, and to me it looks like they want to let the NX200 die silently and sell the new models - which might get better FW.

Which shortcomings are you talking about? The only shortcomings I'm aware of are the long writing times....which are you looking to be fixed in teh NX210?

anyway at the moment I would strongly advise anyone who's interested in the NX system to wait until the first serious NX210 reviews are there - and wait how the newly produced lenses will perform. There were issues with the 50-200 from China before and now the 18-55 III problems. We'll see if they get the new production in China to the necessary level - at the moment it looks like they're not really there.

It looks like many stores are listing the NX210 with the vII anyhow; but yes, waiting a bit would be smart; even if samsung fixes them for free, it'd be best to avoid shipping/waiting/receiving fixed cameras.

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