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WYSIWYG is the future
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Before someone stomps over me: I have A77 myself and photograph in A-mount ever since release of A200 (got it barely few weeks after official release).

phiri - nicely put

Especially with 2Dness part of EVF. I don't know what other people see, but I can see somewhat 3D image in OVF and completely flat image in EVF.

HOWEVER I consider that as advantage - pictures I shoot aren't 3D stereoscopic records of reality. They are printed on paper or viewed on the screen - both of which display only 2D image for me. So the EVF actually is much closer to the photograph than OVF - and that's one of the things I do like in it.

As I said in some other place - I don't care how close viewfinder is to what my eye can see. I care how accurately it allows me to see the final image. That's why I didn't pick a rangefinder or TLR and chosen SLR instead - they don't show me what will be on the final image. Not with telephoto lens. Not in macro work. They are flawed by the design. Similarly the OVFs don't represent the captured image from DSLR - not in matter of white balance. Not in matter of exposition. Not in matter of exact depth of field. And heck: Not in matter of 2D picture.

Still though I'm well aware that EVFs need to grow up - we need better response, better color accuracy, less color noise, less rolling shutter (while panning). Right now they don't display final picture accurately, but with their current preview and enabled histogram the EVFs gives you more control over image than OVF and that one element I love.

Ever since I got A77 I never ever had shot that I would be completely unhappy of due to doing something wrong with settings / forgetting to check anything. WYSIWYG is the future.

A desire to have WYSIWYG was a reason why we got SLRs. And now is a reason why we have EVFs.

phiri wrote:

After partcipating in many debates, reading so many reviews and been to so many photography websites, being a guy, the curiosity side of me took me the nearest Sony Center. Ther I spent thirty minutes with the camera trying to assess what it is like. I particularly concentrated on two things, shooting speed and EVF. The camera is well built that is for sure and it has speed that scares my hands.

First, commenting on the size of the viewfinder, I did not feel that it was bigger than my D7000, but I could not be sure since my camera was left home. But certainly from my memory, the D700 viefinder appeared to be comparatively bigger and I could just imagine what the A900 viewfinder is like.

Not wanting this to be another EVF vs OVF, I can say this about the EVF. I did not mind it but it felt different. For one thing being used to see the world in 3D with the OVF, the 2D of the EVF was a little bit uncomfortable. On top of that the EVF, in my opinion did not accurately represent the authenticity of the scene I was looking at and always made me a little bit disconnected with the scene. I know these kind of things takes time to get used to and even the guy at the center said about that but it just made everything different. While I know that EVF is the future, it will take a little bit of time before it could be acceptable to the vast majority of people but surely it will get there one day. The horizontal leveller in the EVF was kind of cool.

The thing with EVF is there is no right or wrong. Some will like it and that is good for them and others will not, and that is no problem. It only becomes a problem when switching systems becomes the only option. But surely, the future becomes kind of interesting as we wait to see what kind of technologies are yet to become available

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