Apple owns them all.

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Apple owns them all.

I was a long time apple hater. I hated their overpriced product. I though they were very limited. I though they were useless.

I was going the Android route. The PC route.

Until a year back when i purchased the IPad. It had the same price as other tablets so i though i could just as well try an Apple product. And like advertised it just worked. It didn't overheat. It felt great in my hands. It was like carved from a single piece of metal and glass. It didn't had to be rebooted. The battery was hard to deplete. The applications were great etc. etc. etc.

But still, i hated the iphone for no apparent reason. I though it's for people who don't know nothing about technology. I used to have the HTC Desire and later on the HTC Sensation.

The sensation started to gather dust under the screen, it started to turn off and reboot randomly. It dropped calls, it overheated it would randomly change from full battery to half empty. And as soon as it got half empty the random reboots and turn offs started again. I had enough. I knew a company which produced products which work as advertised. Apple.

I got the IPhone 4S a month ago and boy i feel like im in mobile haven. I can finally hear what people are talking on the phone, there are no reboots, the battery is more then precise in its indication how full it is. The applications are so much more polished. The mobile phone feels solid just like the IPad. It's a dream come true.

Two weeks ago i had to develop something in XCode for the IOS devices and again what a experience. Everything is so well designed and so easy to use. The framework has just the right classes which have the right methods. Not a single thing was missing from my requirements.

Maybe i am also going to replace my PC with a Mac... i doubt it but who knows. Time will tell.

Apple doesn't overprice their product as most people think. Their products are a bargain in comparison to what you get. They have the best mobile products. Android is far from IOS in terms of stability and quality. Hats off to Apple.

From a hater to a fanboy in less then a year.

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