Has the DSLR finally been eclipsed? Kirk's take.

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CollBaxter wrote:


If anyone takes Ricardo's use of the word fanboy seriously then one has not been involved in many tit for tat encounters with him.

As to kirk’s blobs . Yes the camera world is changing and the E-M5 is part of the lever that is going to tip over the ant heap. As to Kurk’s blogs he writes and say’s what he feels at the moment and like all of us these could be a different from a week/month ago. But it’s a blog which is up to date current thoughts which will contradict previous ones. Some people will pick it apart as .

The problems arise on 2 fronts those analytical people like Ricardo who check every word and nuance and those that use Kirk’s words as a gospel and therefore fact these 2 approaches are on a collision course and will collide. This week we ( Users who are still on this forum) where referred to as delusional .

From Wikipedia

'A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.[1] Unlike hallucinations, delusions are always pathological (the result of an illness or illness process).[1] As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, dogma, poor memory, illusion, or other effects of perception.

Delusions typically occur in the context of neurological or mental illness, although they are not tied to any particular disease and have been found to occur in the context of many pathological states (both physical and mental). However, they are of particular diagnostic importance in psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, paraphrenia, manic episodes of bipolar disorder, and psychotic depression. '

End Quote

Part of that does apply so some of us. But the evidence part is still a bit weak. Once the AF is fully sorted out on m4/3 then it is evidence until then our side of the system is complete with true evidence without the words like ‘when’ in the future etc. The visitors coming back to the ‘old country’ proclaiming the new land of milk and honey and evangelizing the new land often border on trolling and extreme fanboy activates. Hell now the kids com back to try and kick our bums.

As to pros.

A car has been used as an example in this thread. Well I can give a different view. Here in Africa the vehicle of choice for exploring and conquering the great outdoors is Land Rover not Jeep or a lot of the other stuff which is often as capable and often a lot cheaper. Land Rover has a reputation and a backup support system from one end of Africa to the other. If I was going a trip from one end to the other it would be my choice of car. If you look at film crews in Africa they often use Land Rover . Do you think the ‘pros’ doing this arduous trip would like a vehicle that is OK but you have to avoid certain hazards.

This is not a knock at Jeep but here in Africa a lot of the Jeeps we see are those that are purchased by ‘wanabees’ who use them on a week end or take the kids to school in it so that they can hop over the pavement. Those that really need them buy Land Rover or Toyota . The car brands can change positions anywhere in the world as I am using it as an example.

So on a trip into the wild outdoors is one going to take the car where you have to use ‘tricks’ and avoid limitations are you going to use the one that powers ahead and back.

So until the evidence is there that things are complete in m4/3 without tricks and compromise I will still use the less compromised system, being that the system is the sum of all parts and not one part.


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Wow Collin, that's a lot of words to say something that really doesn't relate to what Kirk's article is about.

Kirk wrote about how the EM5 indicates a key point in the development of mirrorless cameras, and how the 4/3 system is the most complete of those systems. He points out how many pros want to play it safe by sticking with their current equipment. He doesn't say there is anything wrong with this. It's sound business strategy. At least until a pro assumes that he has to invest many thousands of dollars in a FF system when in fact, his assignments could be handled by one of the mirrorless systems available, including m4/3.

That is all Kirk really said with this article, using the EM5 as an example. Why some people want to argue semantics or nitpick on details he doesn't even address is a mystery only they can solve.

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.



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