5D3 from 5D2: worth upgrading for AF performance?

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Re: Yes
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  1. 6 is just that they pumped up in teh in cam profiles a bit

the actual RAW file is more color-blind than the 5D2, that is prtly how they got the 5D3 to tie best SNR of any DSLR by cheating the color filter a bit

it's a complex business to say what the affects are, it would mean more chroma noise at high iso than the nikons that have the same luminance SNR at high ISO but as for color-blindness and how it renders colors and picks them apart that is tricky, even if more color blind overall it might be better for some parts of spectrum than the 5D2

PunkRock wrote:

SHillphoto wrote:

1. much better AF is an understatement and now you can use any AF point
2. metering
3. silent mode
4. All the 7D functions
5. Much better High ISO
6. More pop in the color of the images
7. Faster shooting 6FPS

and more

The top 3 reasons are reason enough to up grade

I noticed #6 too, it really is amazing.

To the OP I am like you I owned the 5D2 and only get the odd paid job but the mk 3 besides the fantastic AF has so many 'extras' and that includes the basic grip as well. it is so much better....I know for a fact I have probably only scratched the surface of the vast array of features this Camera has.

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