Trade up from D3 to D800?

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Re: Trade up from D3 to D800?
In reply to JordanAT, May 13, 2012

If you absolutely don't need movie, I'd keep the D3 if I were you.
I'd rathere use the money to buy some nice lens.

I just saw 1 D3 (less than 10,000 exposure which is pretty much mint) went for AUD$2,500.

It pains me to see that as it's such a nice camera and it was like $7k camera here when it was new. I didn't get it because I want to shoot movie casually. But if it wasn't for all, I'd be all over the D3.

JordanAT wrote:

I'm contemplating moving up(?) from a D3 to a D800. Values on the D3 still seem decent, just a few hundred different.

I'm curious if anyone has made the switch, why, and what you miss on the D3.

Some bkgd- Prior to the D3 I shot an F4s, and honestly very little for the 6-7 years prior. I'm using my current setup mostly for architecture (I'm a structural engineer, and getting good marketing shots is what I use it for, with a 14-24/2.8 or an old 35mm t/s) and for theater (I'm on the board of a local theater company).

What bugs me on the D3 is the lack of dust control on the sensor. I know that seems trivial, but coming from film it's a bit of a thorn. Sure, I can spot heal in LR, but it's a pita.

I rarely use > 6fps, usually 3 or 4 in Cl mode, so I'm not sure the loss of speed will matter.

Video is novel, but I'm not sure if I would use it much.

I will say that, after years of LCDs, I would welcome a more functional live view. I find the OVF limiting at times. On the old F4s I could pop off the pentaprism if I wanted a quick low ange shot and just use the glass.

Thoughts on if this is just $500-1000 flushed away, or has the 800 really made a difference for you.

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