High key self portrait on D5100

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Re: High key self portrait on D5100
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xenon-mkd wrote:

Yes mislabeled it I guess.

Yeah, everyone calls it high key. No worries. What you are doing is using a white background, so you want to (in this case) make it white. It's an exposure issue.

Was only trying to see how well I can blow out the background.

Well, don't 'blow it out' - that would be bad. You could make it white, 256, or just shy of white, 250 or so. But don't laser it with so many googolplexes of watt power that it glows in the dark.

It's kinda hard using the remote and not a tethered setup, so the focusing was actually done in auto mode in live view.

Stick your light stand in the spot where you stand, focus on that in manual, then 'hit your mark' as they say in the biz.

Not using an umbrella shows some flash traces on the face.

Bounce it off the wall, order something from Amazon and use the translucent white packing stuff from your box, or a cheap bed sheet.

I'm trying to see if 2 flash setup is enough

Enough, for what? TO make the background white and light the subject? The anwser is yes, it is enough.

But there is another way to think of your situation. Other photographers could do what you want to do with your current gear. That means that you should be able to as well, without adding any additional gear. this is a knowledge, skill, and practice issue - not a lack of gear.

or go for 3 or 4.

Totally go for it!

As an amateur it's kinda hard to justify $650 per flash (sb-910) and $100 for each stand (umbrella, clamp and stand)

Well, that's true. I guess you could just stick with it, learn and practice to be better, and reap the rewards.

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