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without trying to sound too brutal, there is a lot that can be improved on in this shot.

T here is waaay too much distortion in the car. The lens choice is far too wide. You need to get back on a longer lens to minimise distortion and stop the front end from bugging out. I underdstand your in a garage and limited, but thats the reality. Some distortion can be good on the front end to enhance curves, but this is way too much.

The angle you shot the car on isnt right. It needs to be either front three quarter (come around more to the left so you see more of the front), or profile, you have chosen somewhere in between which looks plain awful. Look at any car ad and youll see what i mean.

The background is way too busy. i understand you like the rustic garage look, but it really doesnt suit the type of car. Proof is, that i looked more at the timber and electrical cables than the car.

You need to paint out the reflections on the bonnet. Any reflections you should have in panel work should be solid. The best technique is to shoot a pass for each panel and put the reflection of a polystyrene beadboard or solid black in the panel your shooting and then blend the images in photoshop.

The lighting on the car is generally too flat and uneven. there is too much light on the front and not enough higlights in the panels. Client love to see large glossy highlights in the panels of their cars.

Cars generally look best when lit from above, thats why magic hour is the perfect time to shoot cars. Soft overhead glow from the sky and no direct hard reflections.

You could mimic this in a garage by having a white ceiling, and bouncing a hard source into it so it acts like a giant overhead. And keep as much light off the bg as you can with a skirt or grad in camera.

hope this helps and your not too bruised.

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