Is Gay Rights a left wing issue?

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Sorry Bob
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bobn2 wrote:

Chato wrote:

While a long answer, it's too simplistic. Polygamy is a product of civilisation. The more primitive the culture, the less likely it is to use polygamy as a reproductive strategy. We are not Chimps - Chimps, gorrillas, etc, cannot have sex except for certain times of the year. We are the only primate that can have sex 24/7/365...

Well, some of us can Us and bonobos, they have sex all the time.

Yes, I was mistaken - Nor do they practice Polygamy

Anyway, let us see you evidence that 'polygamy is a product of civilisation'? Using the trusty Wikipedia, I find that:

According to the Ethnographic Atlas Codebook, of 1,231 societies noted, 186 were monogamous. 453 had occasional polygyny, 588 had more frequent polygyny, and 4 had polyandry.

Sorry, no. I f you reread my post I was talking about Hunting and gathering people;i.e. our evolutionary past, and very few of their societies are polygamus

Just google: "Polygamy" +"Hunting and gathering"

I stand by my statement - Polygamy is a product of civilisation. We evolved as Hunters and Gatherers - Everything since, is a drop in the bucket of evolutionary time.

So, I think my observation, would be that the monogamy rate per society on average is 15%. I would think that 'advanced societies' have a much higher monogamy rate than that.

Monogomy has made a comeback for the very reasons it existed in the first place. It optimises survival.

I note from 'Polygamy: A Cross-Cultural Analysis' by Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen that:

'Polygamy, securing genetic variation, may have been the preferred mating pattern for early humans, just like the majority of primate species are polygamous'. She is an expert and says 'may' because she doesn't know, and nor do you.

There is Far more data on this subject then you arfe aware of.

Polygamy was a product of power of the rulling elite - Our evolutionary history did not institutionalise polygamy (Or polyandry for that matter). Civilisation created a rulling elite AND polygamy.

As I say, produce your evidence. Until then, I'm going with my version, that polygamy (or more accurately angamy) is the 'natural' state and that monogamy is an imposition of 'civilisation' for both the genetic societal reasons, and more importantly in both feudal and capitalist societies, for the property relationships involved.

Google it..


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