Is Gay Rights a left wing issue?

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Roger99 wrote:

taintedcamera wrote:

Roger99 wrote:

Follow the natural law and learn flexibility and diversity. Follow the new gods law and learn tolerance. You are not showing an understanding of either.

I was neither intolerant or inflexible, you truly didn't bother to read with any understanding. You wrote only about what excites you. And you try to teach tolerance. :>

Actually I started out very open to your line of reasoning and gradually got more frustrated with your lagging point of view. I am not trying to teach tolerance at all. I just really hate this kind of argument being backed up by cliched faux rational. You are pretty wrong in all your assumptions and I have had these kinds of dead end discourses before. I mean where does one start? Do I give a crash course in Darwinian theory. Perhaps a few weeks of research on genetics for references for you? How about page after page on the etymology of the concept of natural law and an explanation of how out dated it is.

Will you also try to convince me that there are gay penguins, by shear enjoyment of being such, without any other genealogical or environmental factors being openly discussed and reveled?

Nope, not at all but man is the only species that is this inflexible and it is a relatively modern trend. Most species are not exclusively straight at all. Many will just go for whatever is nearby and of the same species. Some don't even care about that detail. Were I to follow that argument I would have to say that natural law stipulates that we straight humans should be a little more gay and gay humans should be a little more straight. We come pre-wired for our proclivities from birth however and designed to be socially influenced. The pre-wiring is not really a problem. Simply some are straight, some aren't. The problem comes from social influence and sadly that is the one that we actually have some control over but have managed so badly with things like organized religion.

I'll end this while you brought up the good points of flexibility, diversity and tolerance. Which for some reason you thought I lacked.

You may not but the source of your view certainly does.

My opinions were born out of unrequited religious concern.

Well that goes un-said. I have never seen your point of view come from anywhere else but that kind of background. Not you're fault I know (but you really do have a choice. Perhaps that is the source of the confusion in your case).

What mantra do you alway seem to conveniently follow?

I think for myself through experience. Not into mantras.

The one serious conviction one should hold is that nothing should be taken too seriously.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without necessarily accepting it. -Aristotle
..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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